Hi my name is Eden and I really like making art.

From Gold Coast, Australia, 21 year old, Eden Mili works at the intersection of art and technology. The multidisciplinary artist strives to create the unexpected for the audience.She is currently based in Brooklyn.



(Live performance, 2020)

Lady Justice

(Interactive instillation, 2020)






(Live performance, 2019)


(Graphic design, 2018-)

Invisible Hand

(Data & instillation work, 2020

The Dreaming Rooms

(Data & architecture, 2018-)

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Algorithmic Art

Transformer Gallery / 2020

Seeing patterns and creating beauty — data visualization has become an art form. Both pieces were made in Processing and the end goal is to make the data (in the second case, confronting data) more accesible for the everyday person. 

The above piece uses data gathered from the Top 100 songs that Australians’ listened too during hard lockdowns and isolation in the period from early July for four months through COVID. The lyrics from the 100 songs were obtained and then ran through an ‘emotion dictionary’ using a code created in Processing. The dictionary used the 7 basic emotions and attached a certain colour to each lyric using an emotion colour chart. This then produced a ‘heat map’ style piece of art which displays how we listened to music through COVID. The final piece displays mostly yellow (happiness), blue (sadness), red (anger) and dark green (fear).

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR.) The data sourced relates specifically to domestic violence over COVID. Each dot represents a person impacted by domestic violence, the size represents the severity of the violence. On the left is data from 2019 and on the right is during periods of COVID isolation. While there are less dots in total (less reporting), the severity of each dot increased. 

These pieces were displayed at the Transformer Space on the Gold Coast.