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Eden Mili works at the intersection of new technology and design to create all things visual for musicians. She is currently based in NYC.


Dec, “Law Student Impresses at Solo Art Exhibition”
Nov, “Law Student by Day, Artist by Night”


The Dreaming Rooms

(Data and architecture, 2020)

This animation is the product of 7 hours of data tracking people walking across the @bonuniversity campus. The data was captured by Chisomo Banzi to discover unused areas on the campus for an architecture proposal to the university. In collaboration with The Abedian School of Architecture and Chisomo, I used this data to create an animation showing where people walk over the course of a day. 

The above images are the data tracking spots which were inputed to Rhino and grasshopper to create renders from each half hour of the data.  

The final concept is to have a solar powered LED floor that generates this animation on the ground. The work is part of a larger project from Chisomo called the Dreaming Room, inspired by Isozakis method (the original Bond architect) of creating a space of continual change

Below are images from Chisomo’s documentation process for the final building model which would surround the LED instillation.