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Eden Mili works at the intersection of new technology and design to create all things visual for musicians. She is currently based in NYC.


Dec, “Law Student Impresses at Solo Art Exhibition”
Nov, “Law Student by Day, Artist by Night”


Lady Justice

(Interactive audio sketches)

Art / 2020
Content Warning Sexual Assault

             The piece was made in light of the recent Australian High Court decision which found that former Justice Dyson Heydon sexually harassed 6 female associates.

"Lady Justice" is a project which includes 5 powerful women who I looked up to in the legal profession when deciding to undertake my degree in Law. The project shares these womens' own encounters with sexism in the workplace. *Content warning: Sexual Harassment*

By using a responsive touch system wired through the binding of the book, the reader is able to connect their headphones and feel each page to hear those stories.

It's time to spark the #metoo movement in the legal industry.