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Eden Mili works at the intersection of new technology and design to create all things visual for musicians. She is currently based in NYC.


Dec, “Law Student Impresses at Solo Art Exhibition”
Nov, “Law Student by Day, Artist by Night”


Who is she?

You’ll find me in the front row of a Fidlar concert, dreaming about monotype fonts or slaving away in front of the warm glow of an Apple Mac.

/ Education /Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia Design/Advertising)
/Bachelor of Laws (with First Class Honors)
[present-2023] Masters of Science (Intergrated Design & Media) 

/ Achievments & Grants

/University of Southern California Exchange Grant
/NYU Academic Scholarship
/Bond University Academic Scholarship
/Annual ‘Fostering Creativity’ award from Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate

/ Software 
Photoshop, Lightoom, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya, Cinema4D, Unreal Engine, MadMapper, Lightroom, AdobeXD, HTML/CSS/JS, p5js.  

/ Exhibits & Residencies
March 2020 - Transformer Space (Gold Coast, Australia)
August 2020 - Walls Art Gallery (Gold Coast, Australia)
Jan 2021 - Brooklyn Commons (Brooklyn, New York)